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Pankaj Raut

Pankaj Raut RPG Enterprises

Tête-à-tête with Pankaj Raut, RPG Enterprises & Taskforce Member, RPG Remote Working Policy

One key takeaway from working on this milestone project with the taskforce…

As a conglomerate with a diversified portfolio, RPG gave us a solid understanding of different perspectives and ground realities across industries. This helped us tweak the policy to a one-size-fits-all template.

Keeping the RPG-RWP in mind, one of the best hacks for a long video conference that I have discovered is….

The beauty of having a virtual background. It can change the tone of a meeting. I try to keep mine realistic by showing the morning skies from the office windows at the start of the day, and displaying the view of the sunset from our office in the evening.

The most ideal remote working spot/destination is…

Inside a caravan with a high-speed internet connection and travelling everywhere. I guess I would become a corporate gypsy by being in multiple places physically and at the exact same work desk, virtually.

The most expensive tangible/intangible product/event that I've splurged on, but didn't need to, since March…

My compulsive need to use a whiteboard during meetings led to the purchase of a Pentab. Unfortunately, my hand-eye coordination, or rather, the lack of it, has made this buy an utter waste.

A skill developed during the lockdown that I intend to continue…

I have perfected my yoga, started a workout regime, and read up extensively on personal online security.