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Rashi Gada

Rashi Gada KEC International

Tête-à-tête with Rashi Gada, KEC International & Taskforce Member, RPG Remote Working Policy

One key takeaway from working on this milestone project with the taskforce…

Learnt to think out of the box.

Keeping the RPG-RWP in mind, one of the best hacks for a long video conference that I have discovered is….

Yet to figure out the best one - still struggling with it!

The most ideal remote working spot/destination is…

Home, sweet home!

The most expensive tangible/intangible product/event that I've splurged on, but didn't need to, since March…

Online shopping, in general.

A skill developed during the lockdown that I intend to continue…

Learnt to cook a variety of delectable dishes.