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Kaushal Kodesia
KEC International

Tête-à-tête with Kaushal Kodesia, Executive Director, Railways, KEC International and 2020 Outstanding Achievers Award winner

1. Describe in one word what you felt when you won the award


2. What was the biggest factor that contributed to your success?

Having a long-term vision and working backward to create doable short-term goals helped me achieve what was envisaged.

3. Who is the one person whom you idolise/ look up to, and why?

I have always looked up to Rahul Dravid for his three Cs – Consistency, Commitment, and Class.

4. If you had to award any celebrated figure, who would it be and why?

It would be RK Narayan. He merges traditional ‘realities’ with hard-hitting ironies, and does it in a very simple, easy-to-decipher language.

5. Let’s hear your resolution for 2021 as the year turns…

I would like to dedicate more time to reading, touch more lives, and take a vacation with my family as soon as the world is safe again.