RPG Speaks


GMR Batch 2021

Assistant Manager, Campus Initiatives, RPG Group

As a GMR in the system for one year, what is your advice to the new recruits?

Everyone can learn a new tool, or implement a new framework. However, it is the relationships one builds that are not only a differentiator but also can go a long way in your career.

What book would you recommend for future-proofing companies?

One book that gave me a lot of perspective is ‘The Difficulty of Being Good’ by Gurcharan Das. It draws a beautiful analogy between the ethical dilemmas of the characters in the Mahabharata and dilemmas faced by business leaders today. It is a very easy and insightful read.

What has been your favourite ‘Hello Happiness’ moment at work?

On one particular day at work, we chose to play dumb charades at lunchtime, and this lunch got extended way more than we had imagined. The sheer amount of creativity shown by my colleagues in suggesting and guessing innovative titles brought me immense joy! Did I mention that for those two hours, none of us felt the need to use our phones?


GMR Batch 2022

Dy. Manager - Supply Chain, Raychem RPG

What drew you to RPG Group?

My journey with RPG started with the Impressions 2021 internship programme. Because of the ownership, the freedom to experiment and the feedback mechanism, it was a steep learning curve. The exposure I got was amazing, which helped me gain confidence in joining the RPG Group as a GMR.

As the future of RPG, what is the one quality you would like to enhance here?

Innovative thinking: the ability to seek alternative routes to make something work and a healthy risk-taking appetite are the qualities I would like to enhance here.

What is your idea of an unusual vacation?

For me it would be about being totally away from the digital world and a solo trek while exploring some exciting offbeat places in India. With a bit of courage, going solo to an unknown place and putting myself to test would probably get me out of my comfort zone.