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Tried and Tested –
Why Boomerang Hires
Are Worth It

Hiring former employees makes for a great combination — they bring both a deeper understanding of the RPG culture, as well as a fresh external perspective to their new roles

Experts like Anthony Klotz, who coined ‘The Great Resignation’ term and predicted this recent phenomenon, also foresaw a surge of ‘boomerang workers’ — people who quit their jobs and return to their former organisations; an untapped pool of potential, with great possibilities.

In the past, welcoming back former employees was generally not encouraged by companies. Today the hiring lens has changed remarkably, with the concept of ‘boomerang hires’ being welcomed more, as companies consider creative ways to fill job positions.

According to LinkedIn, around 4.5% of all new hires in 2021 were boomerang hires, compared to 3.9% in 2019. Forbes says one in five people who quit their job during the pandemic have already ‘boomeranged’, and 41% of those who have not yet returned to their former employer would consider it, if it were an option.


Ours is not a recent reaction to the so-called ‘Great Resignation’. We have always been supportive of a ‘welcome back home’ culture. Many of our competitors never intrinsically believed in it, and are more recent (and probably reluctant) converts. ”

S 'Venky' Venkatesh – President, Group HR

“RPG has always been a big boomerang recruiter”, says  S ‘Venky’ Venkatesh – President Group HR. “Boomerang employees provide a window into the strengths and weaknesses of the organisation, shedding light on why they left and what’s bringing them back. They offer a fresh perspective on the organisation they are returning to.”

They’ve had time away, perhaps even within a competitive organisation, and now bring with them a new outlook on the market and the organisation itself. “Prospective boomerang hires already know the ins, outs and nuances of the RPG Group, and have a good understanding of its expectations. And now they cherish the positives of the RPG culture even more, articulating these to other employees. This sends a powerful message, internally,” shares Venky.

Supratik Bhattacharyya, Chief Talent Officer at RPG Group shares, “Ex-employees are already aware of the company’s culture, and what their role largely entails. This is because of their existing knowledge of the company, which makes the transition more manageable from the start. Yes, they might need to pick up some changes in work patterns, but their fundamental understanding of the social system that RPG really is, gives them a clear advantage over new hires who have to take time to learn these nuances.”

Given that ex-employees bring so many positives to the table, RPG has formulated a clear strategy that makes it attractive for boomerang hires to return. The effort begins right at the onset of departure of an employee.


If they’re being hired for a different role, they may take some time to familiarise but that’s far less in comparison to new hires.”

Supratik Bhattacharyya, Chief Talent Officer, RPG Group


We treat staff leaving as a natural part of their career progression and as people spreading their wings to acquire new skills. With this perspective, it feels less of a final adieu and more of an au revoir.


How we handle an employee’s departure can help build or burn bridges. According to a Gallup survey, people who have a positive exit experience are 2.9 times more likely to recommend that organisation. They are also more likely to consider coming back to work there.

At RPG, exit interviews are taken very seriously. We view this as an opportunity to understand the exiting employee’s experience and their rationale for leaving, among other aspects. This is important feedback that helps us make improvements which could even encourage their colleagues to stay on. By treating this as an open forum where people can freely share their views, before they leave, we try and help close the relationship on a positive and constructive note.

The exit interview is also the time we take to sow the seeds for the employee’s possible return in the future. When we see that it is an employee we value, it is made clear that the door is open, should they ever wish to come back.

Aditya Pai,
Senior Manager - Salesforce,
CEAT Rejoined
RPG Group in 2022


After an employee leaves, we make it a priority to stay in touch with them. Our alumni network is an effective way by which we maintain our relationship with former RPG-ians. We are constantly growing this community, promoting and nurturing it with relevant content and engagement. After all, our former employees are not only a rich source of future talent but also of referrals for new hires, and even customers.


It is possible that those currently in the organisation might feel apprehensive about a returning colleague. It is likely that the departure of this ex-employee in the past had allowed another team member to take on new responsibilities. A boomerang hire in this case could well be a cause of worry in terms of its impact on those already at the company. To address such concerns among existing employees, we make sure to host open discussions and clarify queries. RPG has clear and fair policies that govern rehiring levels, their compensation and how they fit into the new scheme of things.


Even though it may feel like a returning employee is already well-versed in the RPG culture and operating style, we don’t skip the standard onboarding process. In fact, we treat them like a new hire in some ways. This is often a great way to reorient them from an employer brand perspective, and also get them excited about what’s changed and new at the company.

These efforts have borne fruit when we see our boomerang hires speak as ambassadors of the RPG brand. Here are some voices from them:

Zubin Unwalla

Zubin Unwalla, who joins us back as Assistant Manager, Group Organisation & Talent Development at RPG Enterprises, says “When contemplating a change, I thought why not RPG! I had missed the people, the joy with which I had worked there, and the focus on Happiness that the organisation's culture offers.”

Dhrumil Kumar

Dhrumil Kumar Goswami has re-joined us as EA to the Executive Director at KEC International. According to him, “RPG has welcomed me back on board for a second stint with a lot of warmth, the same respect and immense professionalism. I’m happy to be back to a place with a deep-rooted culture of pro-people policies. I now respect my work environment even more, and look forward to a great stint ahead.”

Boomerangs may not be the silver bullet solution for our ongoing hiring needs and challenges, but they do bring something unique — an insider’s knowledge of our businesses, combined with new market insights and experiences.

We therefore believe that it is important to be more understanding when someone leaves the Group. We shake their hand and wish them well, in the knowledge and perhaps a conviction that their departure is simply a detour, and not the end of their journey with us.


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