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We, the people of India, having Solemnly Resolved

We, the people of India, having Solemnly Resolved...

Sounds familiar?

This is the beginning of India’s Constitution…
One that guarantees an EQUAL COUNTRY FOR ALL

And yet, after 75 years of being a Republic, why is our world STILL RIDDLED WITH BIASES?

This is the question that crossed our minds, close on the heels of the country’s 75th Republic Day. Though the question was easy to ask, changing the world around us wasn’t, and we knew that.

But what was stopping us from celebrating the world of RPG, as we inched closer to commemorating the 75th year of the Indian Republic? After all, the RPG universe is almost a replica of the world envisaged by the leaders who built our nation.

It was time we took pride in our workplace that offers an equal opportunity to all its people. Showcasing this world of RPG, therefore, made a lot more sense now.

Thus the idea of WE THE PEOPLE was born.

On India’s Republic Day (26th January), we borrowed from the tenets of equality in our Constitution to reinforce that:


We needed to go with an all-out messaging to our three core stakeholders:

  • Current employees
  • Future workforce (and the educational campus audience)
  • The world at large

Posters in bright colours were put up at RPG offices across India, with sharp messaging that said: 

  • We the people, we are one. Differences are what we see, not who we are.
  • We the people, we believe in opportunities for all and only our merit decides our worth, nothing else.
  • We the people, we strive to build a community, a safe space for our people and our expressions.

To have a physical expression of what we stand for was imperative, so we created ‘EqWALLity’, a wall installation that symbolised the RPG culture — that of equal treatment for all employees beyond their age, race, gender, designation, ethnicity or skin tone.

On this wall, we placed numerous faceless cards stuck one after another, much like a photo collage, except that there were no photos — only empty spaces in the dimension of mug shots that filled the entire wall. We signed our names under these empty photo cards as a statement of how we were enough, as employees!

We went to college campuses with posters and pamphlets that echoed a clear philosophy of equality at work.

These said,
“We the People of RPG, we are all one
And we welcome everyone
We see no difference,
Just different talents, spirits, and energy.
We hire dreamers, achievers, and future leaders
Just like you.”

The pamphlets that we distributed conveyed a clear message…

We the people
We are one.
We see no difference
Your gender, your disabilities, your age
We see nothing.
But we are not indifferent,
We see talent, we see merit.
We see your fiery spirit.
Our promise-opportunities for all.
We strive to build a community for all.
A safe space for people,
Their expressions and their liberty.
We are the people.
We are RPG.

The EqWALLity wall activation across RPG offices in Mumbai, Delhi and Pune, as well as our Equality Manifesto, were also given the shape and form of videos and seeded on our social media pages.

We the People at RPG was a creative expression of who we are as an organisation. We chose Republic Day to talk about it by paying homage to the Constitution, with a message of inclusivity for all.


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