RPG Speaks


It is a very momentous occasion, especially because in the last three years, this is the second time RPGLS has won this prestigious award. This award is the result of the dedication and hard work of each and every RPGLS member, from field staff to factory workers, and executives in the corporate office.

Yugal Sikri, MD, RPG Life Sciences


Managing Director,

CEAT Sri Lanka

How do you feel about winning the 2021-22 Outstanding Achievers Award?

It feels good to be appreciated. I dedicate this award to the team that works tirelessly with me. What made the award extra special was that it was unexpected, hence adding greater delight to the win.

What is the biggest factor that has contributed to your success?

Sri Lanka has been going through multiple crises through the past 12 months. As a team, we have been able to manage through these crises and turbulence, and the consequent changes, to a great extent. The learnings from managing through Covid-19 have further strengthened our resolve to succeed.

What is the most important factor in making a workplace great?

Passion, a good work ethic, commitment and a great team to support you in your efforts all go into making a great workplace. At CEAT Sri Lanka, the rich learnings from multiple crises, and taking the time out to celebrate achievements have made a positive difference within the team and brought us closer.

What has been a Hello Happiness moment for you at RPG?

The trust and faith placed in me to lead the CEAT Sri Lanka team was a Hello happiness moment. And of course, winning the award!


Executive Director – Civil,

KEC International

How do you feel about winning the 2021-22 Outstanding Achievers Award?

I am delighted to receive this award! I proudly say that this achievement is of my entire team, and I would like to thank each one of them for undertaking this journey with me and helping build this business in a phased manner. This award is dedicated to my team.

What was the biggest factor that contributed to your success?

We are a family of 3,000+ employees in the Civil business. Our teamwork, coupled with the extra mile that all of them go to translate the company’s vision into reality, and their efforts to leverage contextual wisdom to make tough things happen and grow the business, have all contributed to this success.

What is the next milestone you wish to achieve at work?

We have added new sectors every year under our portfolio. We started with Cement and Automobile factories, and went on to include Townships, Metro, Water, High Rise Residential Towers, Data Centers, Metals and Minerals, Warehouses, Hydrocarbons, Airports and Institutional/Commercial buildings. As the business continues to grow, we are streamlining systems and practices to handle complex projects, and focus on timely/ahead-of-schedule delivery. We are continuing our focus on expanding our portfolio and growing the business YoY, in a sustainable manner.

What is Hello Happiness to you?

For me, happiness is to:

  • Bring to fruition our vision of making KEC the largest EPC player in the Civil business space.
  • See my team outperforming to achieve milestones in their respective fields.

CFO - Raychem RPG

How do you feel about winning the 2021-22 Outstanding Achievers Award?

I was pleasantly surprised to win this award. This recognition only reinforces my belief that hard work and honest efforts never go unnoticed. At the same time, I would like to share this award with all my team members and peers, without whose contribution this would not have been achieved.

What was the biggest factor that contributed to your success?

Going back to the basics and applying the First Principles to every problem statement has immensely contributed to our success. The team brought in a ‘Founder’s Mindset’ into business operations, which helped us to take the right decisions, and turn around the business.

Who do you idolise and why?

While I have several corporate idols, Mr Narayana Murthy (Infosys) stands out for me. His humility, even when he was in the pinnacle of his success, is a quality I try to imbibe.

What makes a happy workplace?

Empathy and authentic communication in an organisation always help to build a circle of trust among employees. When employees trust one another, they share their pain and their joys. Sharing doubles the joys and halves the pain. This in turn creates a happy workplace.