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Manish Prakash Sahu

Manish Prakash Sahu

Tête-à-tête with Manish Prakash Sahu, RPG Foundation

The superhero who would have saved us from Covid-19:

It would be Lord Shiva, as he’s the protector as well as the destroyer of all evil.

A skill that I developed during the lockdown which I plan to continue post Covid:

The ability to put in long hours on a desk-related job has improved dramatically. Earlier, being an on-the-field person, I used to find it difficult to maintain a sustained focus in a vegetative state.

The celebrity I would love to be in quarantine with:

Aamir Khan; there is a lot to learn from him about his work he is doing in the villages of Maharashtra by helping transform their state of drought to prosperity!

My personal Covid hero and why:

Radha Goenka, because it is under her leadership that I am able to bring smiles to so many faces!

What #RPGCovidWarrior means to me:

Going beyond the call of duty and offering selfless service or seva towards humanity.

Manish Prakash Sahu

The first destination I would run to for a vacation after the lockdown is lifted, with whom would I go and why:

I will visit Ranchi, my hometown, with my family. It would a great joy to meet everybody dear to me. What more could one ask for after being in a long lockdown, away from relatives and friends!