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Pradeep Gavhane

Pradeep Gavhane
KEC International

Tête-à-tête with Pradeep Gavhane, Chief Manager - Marketing and Business Development, KEC International — Winner of Top Gear Award 2019-20

What was the first thing that came into your mind on hearing that you would be winning the TG award?

I felt elated for the recognition of my efforts, and confident to take up additional responsibilities.

Who is your source of inspiration for success?

Mr E Sreedharan (aka Metro Man), who always inspired me through his mantra, “Be passionate and stay focused”.

What is the one thing that drives you?

Passion in what I do, and the determination to achieve perfection.

What is your hello happiness moment/s at RPG?

The freedom, autonomy and empowerment that is provided at work, is a constant source of happiness for me.

What is happiness to you?

Pursuing a hobby, like riding a bike on weekends.