• Evergreen Club App: Celebrating a new milestone of 1,00,000 downloads

    While technology is something the elderly don’t readily take to, living in the digital era has brought about a whole lot of positive changes in them. Breaking stereotypes with a staggering 1,00,000 downloads since its launch in December 2020, the Evergreen Club App has transformed the ability to interact with people, especially among the senior community across the country.

    Designed for a smooth and memorable virtual experience, the Evergreen Club App gives seniors a chance to stay socially active, while also helping them start a new chapter in their life. Each day, the app offers a variety of virtual sessions where seniors can participate in and enjoy any event of their choice. These virtual events play an important role in bringing like-minded people together, as they encourage the elderly to pursue new hobbies while also learning valuable life skills from within the confines of their homes.

    “We are in a situation of mental pandemic because the Coronavirus has affected us all, regardless of geographies and socio-economic backgrounds. Since senior citizens have limited choices to entertain themselves, we wanted to do something to maintain their emotional well-being during such challenging times. The Evergreen Club is a unique digital platform through which Seniority has taken the initiative of helping them find a sense of purpose and renewed confidence. Our pilot sessions have received an overwhelming response and we are glad to extend this app to all seniors. We will continue to host exciting events and add relevant content on the app, while also enhancing it with more interesting features in the next few months.”

    - Tapan Mishra, Founder - Seniority & Evergreen Club

  • Evergreen Club App: Celebrating a new milestone of 30,000 downloads
  • CEAT launches all-women Shoppes in a male-dominated Industry
  • CEAT launches all-women Shoppes in a male-dominated Industry

    CEAT recently launched all-women shoppes, an industry-first initiative. The Shoppes will be owned, managed and operated by a team of women, who will provide all service-related assistance to customers, including wheel changing, balancing and operating various machinery to service a vehicle. CEAT will arrange to facilitate end-to-end training to these women for smooth running of the Shoppes. This is a breakthrough in an industry that is considered largely male-dominated.

    “CEAT recognises the value of gender diversity at the workplace. We have been offering equal and fair opportunities to women in every field, including our manufacturing plants. From shop-floor engineers to leadership roles, CEAT has a diversified female workforce. They take up challenging jobs and grow in their respective fields.

    The all-women CEAT Shoppe is an industry-first initiative that reiterates our commitment to allowing women to grow and make a mark in the tyre industry, a predominantly male-driven business. The initiative will not only provide financial stability to the women but also inspire many others to join this industry. We plan to expand our footprint across India with many more such outlets in the months to come.”

    - Amit Tolani, Chief Marketing Officer, CEAT

  • KEC International continues to build the nation’s dreams

    RPG Group’s infrastructure arm continues to maintain its stronghold in the country’s railway electrification mission. A key growth driver for the company, the railways business is steadily contributing to the Government’s mission of 100% electrification. During FY21, the business has successfully completed overhead electrification of 1,329 route kilometres (RKM), which is nearly 22% of the country’s overhead electrification projects commissioned during the year, in addition to commissioning railway tracks totalling 171 RKM.

    Having covered more than 18,800 km, KEC has delivered around 30% of India’s overall railway electrification till date. An integrated player with over five decades of expertise in the railway infrastructure EPC sector, KEC is continuously adapting to the evolving needs of the industry through strategic diversification into adjacent business segments. ”

  • KEC International continues to build the nation’s dreams
  • Learning Series by Priya Nair – Sustainability is the New Dividend
  • Learning Series by Priya Nair – Sustainability is the New Dividend

    RPG’s branded Learning Series with Priya Nair, Executive Director, Hindustan Unilever Limited (HUL), took place virtually in April 2020. Through the session, she stressed on the importance of sustainable development and the need for organisations to embrace it wholly. She shared some of Unilever’s best practices and endeavours towards this cause. During the virtual session, Priya elucidated the company’s idea of environmentally sustainable economic growth, stressing on the importance of defining the purpose and the fundamental values that have helped Unilever succeed: Brands with purpose Grow, Companies with purpose Last, and People with purpose Thrive.

    Establishing a stable relationship between human activity and the natural world is how HUL was able to achieve cost leadership across levels, manage, mitigate and eliminate business risks, and future-proof the organisation.