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An RPG Enterprises Happiness Council initiative, highlighting stories of happiness at work and beyond.

Happiness isn't easy to define, or is something that can be pinned down to a few bullet points. Making it work in a corporate environment is yet another level of challenge that most companies find difficult to crack. RPG, for one, has been making happiness a way of life across its businesses over the years, and has also instituted Happiness Councils in each Group company.

The Councils ensure that the policies and practices that emerge from the RPG Happiness Framework are communicated and put into practice. These Councils also help bridge the gap between employees and the HR fraternity within each Group company.

In this section we chat with RPGians about their perspective on what constitutes happiness at work, and their experiences at the Group.

We kick off the series with Dhiraj Jha, who works in the Assurance and Internal Audit Team at RPG House in Worli, Mumbai. Dhiraj has been with RPG for three-and-a-half years now, working from home since the Covid-19 pandemic struck in 2020.

1. What makes you happy at RPG?

What makes me happy is the culture at RPG, which truly imbibes the group's values and vision. While working here, views can be expressed clearly, leaders are always approachable and there is a genuine vibe of respect and trust in the environment. This is a wonderful place to be and grow. Above all, we all are reminded every time to "Be Happy "

2. Tell us about one moment at RPG that brought you or continues to bring you happiness?

Three words — opportunities, challenges and encouragement. I have been continuously provided with opportunities in different areas of work, and many times in different companies also. While this kind of flexibility comes with its own challenges, I have received support and guidance whenever needed. Even when having fun, RPG provides the right kind of environment and freedom. Remember the Imagica offsite (opportunity), the Nitro ride (challenge), and the pep-talks (encouragement)? Post the ride it was a heady feeling of accomplishment and happiness.

3. Among the six tenets of our Group's Happiness framework — I love my work, I cherish our culture, I live a purposeful life, I feel connected, I feel valued, and I am growing — which one resonates the most with you, and why?

The one that resonates most with me is, 'I am growing' Growth means taking the next step, it means change. Whether it is our solar system, our planet Earth or even the cells in our body, everything is constantly moving or changing, and nothing is constant. So, growth is in tune with nature, it is healthy and it gives happiness.

4. What, according to you, sets RPG apart from its competitors in the industry, and why?

The tone at the top matters a lot when it comes to practicing the Group's values and vision on a daily basis. Unlike RPG, not many organisations are able to effectively drive both pursuits i.e., business goals as well as the softer values that define an organisation's culture, and these make an employee truly happier.

5. What is your happiness mantra?

If happiness is an outcome, then there must be certain factors behind it. In my understanding, external factors that can provide comfort, convenience, recognition etc., certainly are among the ingredients for happiness, but these only play a supportive role. The core really is our 'interiority', where we generate happiness — through our body, mind, emotions, and energies. Therefore, it is very important that we keep these four elements absolutely healthy to find true happiness in whatever we do.