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Tête-à-tête with Bhargav Maniar, Deputy General Manager - Corporate Finance, RPG Enterprises

Your favourite celeb personality, and why?

Amitabh Bachchan is among the finest actors alive in the world today, with his unmatchable versatility and a stupendous career. Yet, he comes across as such a warm, humble person well-known for his sincerity and work ethic. His life teaches us to achieve excellence, while also remaining grounded.

A bizarre idea of a vacation you find normal

Spending a few days in a beautiful small town or village along with my family. We would stay there like the regular folk – using public transport, talking to local shopkeepers, hanging out at coveted tea stalls, staying in a home setup instead of a hotel, and befriending the neighbourhood locals.

Most hilarious behind-the-scenes team moment during the virtual Investor Conference

A colleague, who was hosting, witnessed his laptop go blank right in the middle of his session. We managed to salvage the situation and resume flawlessly on the surface, while furiously paddling underwater, akin to a swan gliding across a lake. Memories can only be hilarious in hindsight. In that moment, however, it induces insane amounts of stress and panic!

RPG is an ethical place to work because…

There is a strong feeling of genuineness, transparency, and mutual trust across the organisation, sans any hidden agenda. Practices like no time-checks, and flexibility on work location are commendable. The work culture is democratic and inclusive. The organisation also acknowledges personal challenges, so there is no need for employees to fabricate causes.


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