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Varun Rohit Pandya

Sumita Chandani RPG Enterprises

Tête-à-tête with Sumita Chandani, Head - Group Events & Administration, RPG Enterprises

Your favourite celeb personality, and why?

I have always looked up to Madhuri Dixit, and still am crazy about her dancing skills, versatile acting mettle, and her expressive and sparkling eyes.

A bizarre idea of a vacation you find normal

Travel to the fields and work with farmers, learn their local cuisine and their folk dance. I have always wanted to do this and I believe it makes you feel at home. I’m convinced that I will be wrapped by their genuine welcome and warmth.

Most hilarious behind-the-scenes team moment during the virtual Investor Conference

BTSs are the most hilarious moments, indeed! Our vendor came up with a rather bizarre design for the virtual lobby in the name of minimalism – it was basically empty with no work done to embellish it, so we had to buck up and fill up all the flooring space. The process was so ridiculous that we still chuckle about it.

RPG is an ethical place to work because…

My life has been transformed by the remarkable people I’ve met and worked with here – from the ever-approachable GMBs to the company CEOs and leadership teams, from my Comms colleagues to my colleagues on the 7th floor, all have helped me grow. The transparency, open door policy, and trust, all truly embody RPG’s brand promise of happiness.


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