• KEC International acquires an EPC company in the oil and gas pipelines sector

    KEC International, a global infrastructure EPC major with a footprint in 105+ countries, has successfully acquired Spur Infrastructure Private Limited. Spur Infra, incorporated in 2016, is an Indian EPC company engaged in setting up cross-country oil and gas pipelines and city gas distribution networks. In the last three years, Spur Infra has clocked an annual revenue in excess of 100 crore, and established a profitable track record with technical expertise and experienced manpower.

    This acquisition combines KEC’s proven project management capabilities and extensive experience in executing cross-country linear projects with Spur Infra’s technical knowhow, experienced manpower and relevant pre-qualifications. It will enable KEC to capture the lucrative growth opportunities in the oil and gas cross-country pipelines EPC sector in India, and in international markets.

    vimal Kejriwal, MD & CEO, KEC International

    Vimal Kejriwal, MD & CEO, KEC International, commented, “We launched the oil and gas pipelines EPC business in line with the government’s thrust in the sector and our strategy to diversify the business portfolio into adjacencies. This acquisition will enable us to accelerate growth in this sector, and establish this business as one of our key growth drivers, going forward.”

  • KEC International acquires an EPC company in the oil and gas pipelines sector
  • RPG Foundation’s The Heritage Project resurrects a prominent historical site
  • RPG Foundation’s Heritage Project resurrects a prominent historical site

    With the mission to protect India’s rich cultural heritage and maintain the historic value of our ancient sites, RPG Foundation’s The Heritage Project embarked on its latest endeavour of restoring the Banganga precinct in Mumbai after an agreement was signed between RPG Foundation, the Directorate of Archaeology and Museums, Government of Maharashtra, and MCGM for the conservation, restoration and maintenance of the heritage property. This is a non-profit initiative, for the sole purpose of conservation.

    The roots of this site can be traced back to the Ramayana, and the legend of this story has been translated into an interactive book for children.

    The book is available for purchase from Amazon, Flipkart, and Become Shakespeare.

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  • Pehlay Akshar and BMC felicitate teachers to mark a successful milestone

    On 4th September, 2021, the Pehlay Akshar Foundation felicitated 5,000 Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) teachers for completing two years of the Teacher Development Programme. This event marked the completion of training for BMC teachers across 12 wards in Mumbai.

    To celebrate this milestone, Hon Cabinet Minister of Tourism and Environment, Government of Maharashtra, Shri Aaditya Thackeray; Hon Education Officer of BMC, Shri Raju Tadvi, and Smt Radha Goenka, Founder of Pehlay Akshar Foundation, felicitated the teachers and stressed on the importance of uplifting the education sector.

    Among the other esteemed guests present were Hon Chairperson, BMC Education Committee, Smt Sandhya Doshi, Hon Jt Municipal Commissioner of Maharashtra, Shri Ajit Kumbhar (IAS), and Hon Addl Municipal Commissioner, Eastern Suburbs, Smt Ashwini Bhide (IAS).

    Radha Goenka, Founder, Pehlay Akshar Foundation said, “The Pehlay Akshar Foundation has been working with teachers since 2016. Over the years, we realised that the real change maker in the education system is the teacher, prompting us to expand our programme towards a highly specialised teacher development programme. BMC has given us the opportunity to train 7,000 plus primary and upper primary teachers in 2019.

    The education sector has faced multiple challenges during this pandemic, and a large number of students are still struggling with access to digital education. In spite of these challenges, we continued to train 5,000 teachers during this past year, virtually. We aim to give the best possible support to the teachers and our students through the pandemic, and beyond.”

  • RPG Foundation’s The Heritage Project resurrects a prominent historical site
  • RPG’s first Investor Conference 2021, post Covid-19

    In June, RPG’s first-ever virtual annual Investor Conference 2021 took place with over 500 investors and analysts participating in the event. The annual flagship event continues to garner keen interest from the financial services community as it presents them with an opportunity to interact with the management team.

    Following the comments by RPG Group’s management team on the performance of its companies in FY 2020-21, an engaging interaction took place between the management and the attendees (investors and analysts).

  • Milind Soman runs on a path to a heathier nation for the elderly

    On the occasion of India’s 75th Independence Day, Evergreen Club partnered with health icon and role model Milind Soman for his ‘Unity Run’.

    Evergreen Club and Milind Soman have a long-standing reputation of being the perfect example of positive ageing that continues to inspire millions of people by helping them define a holistic approach to fitness. With this association, Evergreen Club aims to encourage older adults to adopt a healthier lifestyle and take care of their wellness from the comfort of their homes.

  • Milind Soman runs on a path to a heathier nation for the elderly


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