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Nidhish Ranjan KEC

Tête-à-tête with Nidhish Ranjan, KEC, Top Gear Winner 2020-21

On winning the award

It is indeed a moment of great pride for me. What makes it even more enriching is that this is probably the first time a ‘Top Gear’ award has been given to someone in a service department (like plant and machinery). I consider this a collective win for all of us in the P&M department, without whose efforts this recognition would not have been possible

On his hobbies:

Listening to Kishore da (singer, actor Kishore Kumar) and spending time with my children and family

On ‘Hello Happiness’

For me, the idea of ‘Hello Happiness’ is to enjoy the freedom and the support to perform one’s duties, while being valued by peers, subordinates and the management


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